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My two cents about Patrick's new albums - Unica - 07-03-2018 07:38 PM

I love the new Patrick’s music.

He’s always been the most talented of all the siblings, together with Kathy. They two have a sense of music that’s extraordinary.

Patrick, more than the others, always had an inner world to express: “papa kelly” songi s indicative in that way “Paddy is the poet”

His music and lyrics developed quickly, a step ahead his own age…that was, perhaps, the problem…
He found light in religion. And I envy him, for Faith is a grace and a gift.
Now, he can be able to share the gift.
The new music (that someone, as I’ve read, find “commercial”) I find is a winning choice. The more you are reachable for people (young people in particular) the more your message is spread.

I admit my preferred album is “Ruah” (that I find a masterpiece)…but I also have to admit that Shake Away and Id are able to reach more people. And if you listen to their music, and meditate the lyrics…well, you have to admit the “spirit” flows among every line and single tune.

The last song of Human (I’m here to stay) I find it’s the best message Patrick could offer and the most indicative about his intentions: he doesn’t need high heights (that he could easily climb, by the way), but I’m here to follow our track….
I watched the concerts and read the recensions: people live precious moments, pure energy and spirituality. And take them home. He’s still Paddy sometimes: joking and jumping, but is also the more mature artist and poet that years ago promised to become…