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Newsletters & Articles John & Maite. - Corry - 05-16-2009 10:03 AM

april 01, 2009

Dear friends,

Many people are writing to us offering themselves to do postering, etc, through the cities of the tour, so I'm going to give you a contact address where you can write and ask for information about how can you help us to promote the shows.
Also, any ideas you have to promote the concerts are welcome!
So you just have to write an e-mail here, with the subject "Street-Team", or "promotion support", "press support", whatever you can do:

Any person that is interested in joining the Street Teams in the different cities and supporting us in any way is very welcome!! Thank you very much for your great support and see you on tour!

And here I post a message from JOHN:

Dear friends, this is John, Wow, I can't believe I'm back in BRAVO :-))) It makes me feel young again, it brings me crazy amazing memories from the 90's. Check it out, they did a nice article in the online archive BRAVO page. If you like the article, please, let them know about it, we appreciate the support of both:

The great thing about this archive page is that maybe old fans of mine will get to know about the project I have now with Maite and maybe they would like to come to our concerts.

Every support and promotion we can get for this tour is very important, so thank you for your constant support and see you very soon! I can't wait! :-)


RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Corry - 05-16-2009 10:04 AM

april 20, 2009
Dear friends;

The organizer of "The Blue Elf's Dream" Tour 2009, Christian Kreft (CK Event Services) became bankrupt. We got the information yesterday night from him. We and the whole tour team are sitting right now at the lobby of the hotel, and we can't move forward, as this man does not have money even to pay for the hotel (and of course no money for food, gasoline, the venues rental, etc). That means that from this moment, we can't continue with the concerts that were planned (blue elf's dream tour concerts) The organizer said he is going to try to get money from here to some days to be able to continue with the shows in May, BUT he cannot confirm that this will happen. I'll keep you updated as often as I can these next days.
All the work we've done till now, all the late night hours at the computer, all the illusion we put into it, the most important of all YOUR trust!!! We still can't believe what's going on this is maybe the most unprofessional tour management we've ever had. We all were willing to go on even risking our neck, but this man is really into bankruptcy and can't even finance our food. Unbelievable but true.

This morning, as we all realized what this man did (or better, not did), John couldn't hold his tears, as inwardly, he is carrying the trust of the musicians on him, and as for me, I am carrying YOUR trust, which for me it's the most important.

Right in this moment we are trying to join the money between everybody to pay for this hotel and be able to go back home.
For the ones that have already seen the show, they can tell you what for a wonderful professional team of artists we had on stage and on the technic, I hope you liked the new songs we got ready for you and I hope I have the strength to one day put them together in the new concept album I was already working on till some days ago.
We had put all our time and illusions into this tour and therefore we worked like hell to get ready for you something special, including the new live CD and video, we put all our love into it specially for YOU, our true fans. I'm almost crying right now, I just can say I LOVE YOU ALL and I feel so shit that I don't know when am I going to be able to start with the creative work again. (Specially watching John suffering)

At least, we'll see YOU at Solingen, at the Beltaine Mystery Night, (this concert has nothing to do with this organizer) So on the 30th of April I will try to swallow my tears and go on stage to give it all for you.

PLEASE, if you have the possibility of reaching the people that might already be on their way to Leipzig by phone, please spread the word by SMS, I can't bear the idea that people took holidays and spent their money to come to our shows and due the incompetent organization are not going to be able to enjoy the beautiful show we got ready for YOU.

I'll write to you as soon as I get new internet connection wherever I am.

This is the contact website of the organizer of the "Blue Elf's Dream" Tour:

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Corry - 05-16-2009 10:08 AM

april 25, 2009

As my admired Freddie said before, the show must go on, and so it seems that it's going to happen.
As you already know, we have a gig in Solingen on the 30th of April, at the "Beltaine Mystery Night" where we are going anyway with our band to deliver part of our show. That's fixed anyway.

HERE ARE THE NEWS: The organizer of "The Blue Elf's Dream" Tour 2009, instead of running away (it could had happened) seems to have been working these days to put the thing together again, (which is something positive about him) after he finally received the money from the sold tickets through the internet online shops and other sources. (He says they don't pay right away and he didn't know that.) (?) Anyway, the important thing is that he said WE'LL CONTINUE WITH THE TOUR FROM THE 2ND OF MAY ONWARDS.

So the cities marked after Solingen, stay as they are till the 10TH OF MAY.

He is also working to recuperate the concerts he already lost in April and add them from the 11th to the 14th of May. We'll let you know if it works out. (this is not for sure yet, it's in the process)

I write here the dates that he said are for sure:

BREMEN "The Blue Elf’s Dream" Tour 2009

BIELEFELD "The Blue Elf’s Dream" Tour 2009

GRONAU "The Blue Elf’s Dream" Tour 2009

KÖLN "The Blue Elf’s Dream" Tour 2009

HOFHEIM/ Frankfurt "The Blue Elf’s Dream" Tour 2009

SAARBRÜKEN "The Blue Elf’s Dream" Tour 2009

KARLSRUHE "The Blue Elf’s Dream" Tour 2009

RADOLFZELL "The Blue Elf’s Dream" Tour 2009

Now, John wants to somehow fix a little bit the bad feeling many of you must have by GIVING A SECOND TICKET FOR FREE TO ALL THOSE THAT MISSED A CONCERT THESE DAYS, so you can chose the location and bring anyone with you for free. Just show your ticket in the Abend Kasse and you'll become a second one for free.

For the ones that missed a concert and can't come to any of the dates, we'll think about something so you don't keep that strange feeling after all. So just write an e-mail to:

With the subject: Missed Concert

Send me a photocopy of your ticket.

I'll think about something, I'll let you know.

See you very soon, and once more, let me tell you that I'm really touched by all your messages. You are all very special people (ehem, actually you are f**** great people) Thank you for your great support, I cried of joy just by reading what you wrote.

And to all our technical team, musicians, singers and dancers: You guys are something else, I never met people like you before, if the Earth would be populated with people like you there would be no reason why to be afraid of anyone.
David, grab the plane and get your (ehem) over here, see you guys soon Smile

I'll keep you informed about any news

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Corry - 05-16-2009 10:10 AM

mei 09, 2009
LAST NEWS! TODAY, LAST DAY OF The Blue Elf's Dream TOUR (instead of tomorrow)!!

Dear friends,

We just got the sad news from the organizer of the tour that HE WILL CANCEL THE CONCERT OF TOMORROW IN RADOLFZELL, so that means that today, in Karlsruhe, will be the FINAL concert of the tour. We are again very sorry for the ones that already bought tickets, made plans, asked for permission at work... but it seems the organizer, again, was not able to manage such show and holding it till the end. :-/ though at least, he got it rolling again after the surprise of the beginning.

So here we are, in Karlsruhe, waiting to start with the soundcheck. We've seen already a lot of people outside waiting to come in, so we'll get ready to give you all a great tour-closing show! (tough it was supposed to be tomorrow) After this, we'll comeback to normality, no more surprises like this in the future (hopefully) It's quite discouraging for everyone to see how a top live act is not properly managed.

Also for all of you, that know how much work it takes to build this up and of course, the effort you did to program your calendars to come to the concerts.

So I think we won't say this not too nice news today live on stage as we don't want to bring shadow to the bombastic ending tonight, but if you can reach the people that might not have connection to internet and are on their way to Radolfzell, please inform them about this matter.

We are extremely thankful for the great support we are receiving from you these days, you are like a big family/army. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

In the next days I'll read all your messages and will write here to all of you.

LOVE from Maite and John

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - _dag_ - 05-17-2009 06:43 PM

that was sad but maitw write this newsletter 8days ago

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Corry - 05-17-2009 07:46 PM

(05-17-2009 06:43 PM)_dag_ Wrote:  that was sad but maitw write this newsletter 8days ago
I can read too! I only wanted to put their newsletters here for members who don't have Myspace!

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - _dag_ - 05-18-2009 02:39 PM

no problem i know not all have myspace

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Watchthesteps - 05-22-2009 04:20 PM

Some new blogs...

Dear friends,
Before I even had all the info to publish in the new blog, here I come with some last minute NEWS:
Tomorrow, Saturday the 23th of May, we'll be performing (John and I) in the Folk-Open-Air of Leutkirch, at around 22:00h. We'll sing for around 25 minutes and after that, we'll do a meet and greet with all of you that want to join.
(we received the invitation today and we had to do fast decisions)
Here is more information we got from some of you (thank you!) and from one of the organizers about this event:
There are 5 bands playing on stage, and the kind of music is Irish folk, medieval, reggae and world music.
Preis: 15€, 10€, online abzgl. 2€
Besucher: 700
Plz: 88299
Ort: Leutkirch im Allgäu
Location: Alcazar
Strasse: Campingweg 5
Land: Deutschland
Website: Irish Rasta Festival
Info Tel. 07563-915843"
I really look forward to meet you over there (and very hopefully meet also some of the ones that we couldn't meet in the last tour)
See you there! Big Grin

I'll be there because it's only few km from my home...
Hello to everyone!!

So finally I bring you some info about the next concerts!

The concert in WUPPERTAL will be an open air concert and it will be for FREE, so you don't need to get any tickets. This will be a full length concert (without blue elf...)

The date is 27.06.2009



Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 142

42117 Wuppertal

Still don't know if the concert will start at 21:00h or at 22:00h.

The Stadtfest is called "Langer Tisch", cause all the people put their tables onto the road, so there will be a 15km long table.

They expect 500.000 people (like last time).

The concerts in BINZ and WITTENBERG will be one hour concerts also open-airs as part as some Stadt Fests, and they will be also FREE concerts. We will bring almost the whole band, so we'll have fun over there too!

Here some info I already received about Wittenberg:

Wittenberg/Lutherstadt: Stadtfest: Luther's Hochzeit: 12.06., 20:00 Uhr, Bühne Marktplatz. Infos zum Fest:

When I know more, I'll publish it here.

It's great to see that you enjoyed the concerts of the last tour (the ones we could offer despite the tour management) I'm still in the process of reading all your support messages, you are all an amazing audience.

I already collected the e-mails you sent with the photocopies of the "lost" tickets. I'll show them to the organizer and I hope he does something about it (at least free tickets for his concerts or something like that). I'll let you know any news. Please don't keep those tickets, get your money back, I remind you we have nothing to do with the organization of the tour and we don't handle any economic transaction related to it.

I have to hold my mouth not to write here all what I would like to express related with this guy and all what he made us believe he was going to do Sad If I tell you the whole story... I'm so pissed off that I'm making an effort not to explode.

I also found out through some of you that he made some promises to the street teams. Just for you to know that this is new for us, we never got any info about it. :-/
When I publish this blog, I'll start erasing the preceding blogs, as John told me to keep the page in a positive mood (though I'm going to copy them with all their comments and keep them in my computer, because the comments are so positive that they encourage me a lot! Smile

So let me finish with some good news;

As some of you already know, we are NUMBER 1 AGAIN in the Radio Aena charts!! Unbelievable!! Thank you for your votes and support!

Many of you told us that you loved the new songs of the tour and that you can't wait till they are available in CD. Thanks a lot, we are very happy that you liked them so much Smile

A big thank you for the ones that ordered and bought our original products, because only with this great support we will be able to continue preparing new material for you to enjoy! Smile

As you can read in the blog before, we'll be performing as special guests in the Folk-Open-Air of Leutkirch this Saturday the 23th, this was a fast decision, we'll sing alone and we can meet after the performance.

See you very soon!!

PS: When I was at the festival in Solingen, somebody took my flowers' crown from the backstage. As it is an exclusive design and a present from Priscilla Hernández, and it has a lot of meaning for me, if you see anybody wearing it at some festival, please try to get the contact of that person. Thank you!! :-*

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - _dag_ - 05-22-2009 04:45 PM

how sweet free concerts gogogogog not stay in home people

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Corry - 05-22-2009 07:23 PM

(05-22-2009 04:20 PM)Watchthesteps Wrote:  WUPPERTAL 27.06.2009

They expect 500.000 people (like last time).

My first thought after reading about the new dates was that I absolutly wanted to go to Wuppertal.
But......500.000 people...wowwww...that scares me to da max. scream
So now Ihave many doubts. Nixweiss

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Proganthony - 05-22-2009 10:08 PM

(05-22-2009 07:23 PM)Corry Wrote:  
(05-22-2009 04:20 PM)Watchthesteps Wrote:  WUPPERTAL 27.06.2009

They expect 500.000 people (like last time).

My first thought after reading about the new dates was that I absolutly wanted to go to Wuppertal.
But......500.000 people...wowwww...that scares me to da max. scream
So now Ihave many doubts. Nixweiss

Would you take me with you if you go, Corry? Maybe you're less scared if someone goes along with you

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - _dag_ - 05-23-2009 12:10 PM

great wuppertal is f pf free no need ticket it's a paradise

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - okki - 05-23-2009 05:43 PM

finally great news LuxhelloHappyhurrayhurrayhurray!!!!!!!!!

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Corry - 05-23-2009 08:19 PM

(05-23-2009 05:43 PM)okki Wrote:  finally great news LuxhelloHappyhurrayhurrayhurray!!!!!!!!!

@Okki you plan to go to Wuppertal?
Oh you'll love them both. They're just great. music

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Serenity - 05-24-2009 10:21 AM

the 500000 people are for the whole weekend where that city festival is. not only at the concert!
i will go there! its for free thats sooo coool

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - _dag_ - 05-25-2009 10:48 AM

i will be there tooo

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - okki - 05-25-2009 05:10 PM

(05-23-2009 08:19 PM)Corry Wrote:  
(05-23-2009 05:43 PM)okki Wrote:  finally great news LuxhelloHappyhurrayhurrayhurray!!!!!!!!!

@Okki you plan to go to Wuppertal?
Oh you'll love them both. They're just great. music

I can't go to the concert Sad, I wish....... but unfortunatelly it's to far from me, but I'm happy for John and Maite and for the fans who plan to go there !!!

@Serenity and @_dag_ have fun, enjoy every minutemusic!

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Corry - 05-25-2009 08:12 PM

(05-25-2009 05:10 PM)okki Wrote:  I can't go to the concert Sad, I wish....... but unfortunatelly it's to far from me,

I'm so sorry you can't go. Friends
I really hope that you'll have soon the chance to see them. HailHail

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - okki - 05-26-2009 07:36 AM

(05-25-2009 08:12 PM)Corry Wrote:  
(05-25-2009 05:10 PM)okki Wrote:  I can't go to the concert Sad, I wish....... but unfortunatelly it's to far from me,

I'm so sorry you can't go. Friends
I really hope that you'll have soon the chance to see them. HailHail

I hope tooPray, I can't wait to see them on the stagemusic!

RE: Newsletters John & Maite. - Petula07 - 10-22-2009 11:49 PM

Quote:Dear friends,

Some days ago we visited the store that FOLKFRIENDS have in Hamburg. Since Donar from Rabenschrey recommended us these people, we've been searching in their shop and website all kinds of different musical instruments, including new reproductions of ancient lutes, etc, and finally decided to get some of them for our next tour "Elfenthal".
(My lute, in the poster, is made by them)

Folkfriends decided to sponsor us, so we are really happy with this partnership.
So now I would love also to make some promotion for them: If you always wanted to have certain instrument but never got the kick to go out there to look for it, please have a look here:

They will send it to your home, really great service and very friendly people.

So, as they requested for this song (everybody requests this song everywhere, hehehe) This will be probably the first recording of Mikel Laboa's "Txoria txori" with a Renaissance guitar/lute, here it goes:

Big Grin

[my-youtube width=425 height=344][/my-youtube]